Welcome to Katie Taylor Home Staging Home staging in Houston

Welcome to Katie Taylor Home Staging Home staging in Houston

Welcome to Katie Taylor Home Staging Home staging in Houston Welcome to Katie Taylor Home Staging Home staging in Houston

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Experienced and Creative Home Stagers

 Katie Taylor Home Staging, is a professional Design/home staging firm, serving homeowners, realtors, investors, and builders in the Houston metro area. Katie Taylor Home Staging has the ability to appeal to a broad range of buyers by showcasing your home‘s best and unique features. With our strategic placement of furniture, artwork, and accessories we will transform a vacant space to a warm and inviting home. This will create an initial spark of interest to potential buyers from the moment they walk through the door. It will be a property that leaves a notable impression and one that they certainly won’t forget.  So let us get your home staged to sell. We specialize in vacant, luxury, and model home staging. We have the most competitive prices on the market! Call us today for your initial consultation! We look forward to working with you. We offer Home staging in Houston, and the surrounding areas.


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Why Staging?

"The #1 mistake sellers make is putting a non-staged house on the market" - HGTV

We understand that the home buying journey can be an exciting, and stressful, time for the buyer. Having a professionally staged home, allows the future home buyer to see the homes true potential. It is said, "Only 10% of home buyers can imagine their home." Don't let your buyers pretend they are in a home. Allow them to feel at home.

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Why should you stage your home?

With the amount of inventory out there, it is more important than ever that a home stand out from the rest. In today’s market, it no longer works to simply put your home on the market as-is and expect buyers to see past everything to its true potential. Your home must create a powerful first impression. Just like the product designers who invest time and money in the right packaging to attract buyers, the same concept works when selling a home.

When a home gets stuck on the market for a long time, it’s often due to buyers not being able to connect with the home. Seemingly small things to the current homeowner (needed repairs, bold colors on the walls, family photos, even furniture arrangement) can throw buyers for a loop. Home staging keeps the buyers’ focus where it should be: on the assets of the home.

The investment in home staging is always less than your first price reduction.

Among those reasons...

  • Your house will sell faster
  • You make more money
  • Only 10% of home buyers can “visualize” the potential of a home
  • Leaving your home “As Is” actually helps sell the competition


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